How to install Google Tag Manager and Analytics to WordPress

Google Tag Manager is a wonderful tool. Normally, you’d have to install pixels individually. Google Tag Manager lets you

You want to know who’s been visiting your website. Google Analytics can help with that. It lets you understand your customers from the number of visits to their behaviors.

In this tutorial, we will install Google Tag Manager and Analytics to our WordPress Website

Set up your Google Analytics

  1. Head to Create an account using your Gmail.
  2. Get your measurement ID

Set up your Google Tag Manager

  1. You will find two snippets. One to put between <head></head> and another to put between <body></body>

Set up your WordPress Website

Check if it works

  1. Open Chrome then head to:
  2. Install Google’s Tag Assistant by Google
  3. Open your website
    1. You many need to purge caches first, if you use any caching plug-in or services

Add Django Version

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